Christian Jargon: Discussion Group

Discussion group : Christian jargon 

Jargon can be a helpful way of communicating in shorthand to people inside a group. But sometimes even the insiders don’t realise what the jargon actually means – and it can be quite bewildering to outsiders.

Jargon is often used when Christians sing and talk about faith. What do words and phrases like “washed in the blood of the lamb”, “Invite Jesus into your heart”, “I am a sinner” and “saints” actually mean? Interested in finding out what lies behind such “jargon” and how it is used in the Bible? (and what ones don’t even come from the Bible!)

Come to a 4 week discussion group.

Lydia Room, Level 1

Church in the Marketplace

6pm -7.30pm on Thursday evenings: 14, 21, 28 March, 4 April.

Open to all, no previous Bible study experience required. Each session is a standalone – so you are welcome even if you can only come along to one or two.

More information: Louise Mulroney- phone or text to 0466 103 704.